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Job Alert Australia

Southern Restaurant Group (SRG) is the largest private KFC franchise owner in Australia operating across VIC, ACT, NSW

KFC landed in Australia in 1968 with our first restaurant in Guildford, Sydney NSW. That was a time when long hair, flower crowns, and lava lamps were still totally groovy, dude. Today we serve over 2 million customers a week across 650+ restaurants. And even after all these years, the original secret remains under lock and key in our headquarters in Kentucky, USA. And no, we'll never tell. Nice try.

It all began with the man, the myth, the legend himself. In 1930, in a humble service station in Corbin, Kentucky, 40-year old Harland Sanders began feeding hungry travelers. Sanders spent the next nine years (now that's dedication) perfecting his secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, as well as the basic cooking technique we still use today. There are now over 20,000 KFC outlets in more than 125 countries and territories around the world. Not bad, eh?


We are growing!

SRG has experienced sustained success and is seeking to recruit the following roles to achieve our ambitions.

- Operations Manager (NSW based)
- Payroll Manager (Vic based)
- WHS Manager (Vic Based)
- Property Manager (Vic Based)
- Project Manager (Vic Based)

If you are interested in these roles, please feel free to contact the recruitment team at for more information.


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