Job Opening at Mado high End Restaurant Dubai

Job Opening at Mado high-End Restaurant Dubai 

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Mado Ice Cream is already famous around the world for its unique taste, with a long history of 300 years. 

It is the story of the "gradual" transformation of the flavor tradition called Calsanbach (mixture of snow), which belongs entirely to Anatolia. 

Using fruit extracts on hot summer days, this blend has been fortified with other ingredients such as milk, honey and salep, turning into a particularly famous flavor today. 
The secret to the taste of classic whipped cream lies in the climate and geography where it is produced, in addition to this 300-year-old tradition.

This unique flavor is achieved by mixing thyme, beans and orchid animal milk with salep harvested from the same area in the highlands of the Airdagi slopes. 

Made all naturally, using cherries, lemons, strawberries, oranges and other fruits. And other products are processed with high standards of hygiene and quality in these modern world-class factories and distributed to stores in Turkey under the required conditions. For your gratitude, we present you with a wonderful gourmet meal.
In recent years, the MADO chain has reached over 300 franchises in Turkey and around the world, making it more than just an “ice cream parlor”, but a place to live a culinary experience. 

MADO is Turkish cuisine and it has its own delicious taste. You can try our new flavors. MADO cream cakes, brioches filled with ice cream, specialty soft drinks.

Specialty desserts such as baklava, salma, walnut musca and drama are combined with MADO's famous and unique ice cream flavors. 

An unforgettable Turkish dish for you. Layered cheesecake or spinach cakes, specialty tea and coffee blends, juices and smoothies, specialty drinks and more. Year. You can try our new flavors. Cream cakes, ice cream-filled profit rolls, and fresh, cold specialty drinks at the MADO Cafe.

Mado has six branches all over 
Dubai Mall
Ras Al Khaimah
If you like to see happy people around you because ice cream makes everyone happy. 

Mado Cafes looking for an associate 

High end Restaurants company at Dubai 
Looking for below positions 

- CDP 
- kitchen commis 
- waiters 
- waitress 
- Headwaiter 
Kindly to send your resume to 

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